What is a Certified Casting Instructor (CCI/CI)?

Certified Casting Instructor (CCI/CI) has demonstrate the high standard of performance that creates confidence in students and other instructors.  CCI’s can accomplish casting tasks quickly and easily, accompanied with good demonstrations and clear, concise explanations.  Certified Casting Instructors can effectively teach the art of fly casting to all levels.

What is a Master Casting Instructor (MCI)?

Master Casting Instructor (MCI) requires more than just meeting a specified set of casting requirements. It also requires a broad range of experience in casting itself. Certification is the end of a process, not the beginning. A Master Caster is an exceptional individual, able to teach others how to teach. These are rather demanding requirements, but they are the requirements that FFI wishes to be assessed.

Even anglers who have excellent fly fishing skills may not necessarily be certified at the Master’s level – ability in angling is only part of the certification process. Equally important is a broad range of casting abilities (for instance being able to make curve casts by more than one method) and a great deal of comfort in demonstrating them.

In the teaching of casting, the MCI can describe the skills in as many ways as possible because different people respond differently to verbal descriptions. The ability to see casting through the eyes of the untrained caster is essential, especially since the Master Casting Instructor teaches others how to teach.

FFI Casting Instructor Certifications:  

CI - Certified Casting Instructor

MCI - Master Casting Instructor

THCI - Two Handed Casting Instructor

CBOG - Casting Board of Governors

CBOG Emeritus - Casting Board of Governors, Emeritus 

In order for casting students to more easily locate a casting instructor in the Gulf Coast Council, contact information for the GCC's 17 IFFF Certified Casting Instructors is provided below:  


Dino Frangos - CI, MCI

Mobile, AL                  251-421-3787

Languages: English

Dwight Yoder - CI

Mobile, AL                 251-343-1904

Languages: English, French, Vietnamese                                                                             

Thomas "Tom" Dempsey - CI

Mobile, AL                 251-648-7451

Languages: English

Chas Petruccelli - CI

Redding, AL               203-400-3178 

Languages: English 


Len Anderson

Panama City Beach, FL   850-249-2656 / 850-866-8208

Languages:  English



Captain Paul "Sodie" Sodamann - CI, MCI

St. George, KS        785-456-5654

Languages: English 

Captain Sodie's You Tube Channel:


Harry Boyd - CI

Winnsboro, LA           318-435-5476 / 318-282-1825  /

Languages: English

Jay Clark - CI, MCI, THCI

Lafayette, LA          337-366-3145

Languages: English

Glen "Catch" Cormier - CI

Boyce, LA               318-793-5855 /  225-899-6528

Languages: English

Roger del Rio - CI

Baton Rouge, LA        225-751-3304 / 225-907-4471

Languages: English

Jeff Ferguson - CI, MCI

Lake Charles, LA              337-540-1292

Languages: English 

Tom Jindra - CI, MCI, CBOG Emeritus

New Orleans, LA     504-392-7511

Languages: English

Keith Richard - CI, MCI, CBOG

Breaux Bridge, LA    337-344-0908

Languages: English

Captain Peter Scafaru - CI

New Olreans, LA   646-327-3969

Languages:  English, French, Romanian

Robert "Bob" Tabbert, CI

Lafayette, LA             337-781-3650

Languages: English

Tom Tripi - CI, MCI

Folsom, LA         504-451-9235

Languages: English



Reed Guice - CI

Biloxi, MS            228-435-0400

Languages: English

Sid Caradine - CI

Columbus, MS      662-328-5413 / 662-574-1209

Languages: English

Sydney "Syd" Smith - CI, MCI
Gulfport, MS        228-326-6050 / 228-896-4247

Languages: English