Who Are We?

The FFI Fly Tying Group was started by the FFF leadership at the 2007 FFF Conclave (now called International Fly Fishing Fair) in Livingston, Montana.  It is a group of, by, and for fly tiers.  The goals of the group are to develop fly tying at the local, regional, council, national and international levels.

Although we have a Board of Governors, we actually "govern" nothing.  We are just tiers who have volunteered our time to serve the interests of tiers all over the US and internationally, too.  The name was chosen by the IFFF leadership so that our name is similar to the Board of Governors of the Casting Group.

If you are interested in volunteering, visit our projects page where we will be posting information throughout the year.  Our board meetings are held once each year at the International Fly Fishing Fair, and it is open to all members.  Please check the FFI website for the exact date and time, as well as details about our Tiers' and Liars' BBQ event:

Contact the Fly Tying Group: email fly tying group

Join the Fly Tying Group:  Fly Tying Group signup page

The Fly Tying Group (FTG)  is an organization of fly tiers. Our goal is to advance the art of fly tying within the Fly Fishers International, the angling community in general, and for fly tiers internationally. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please join us today.  

Please Note: You must be a member of the Fly Fishers International to join the Fly Tying Group.
Fly Tying Group Membership:

1 Year Membership - $20.00     
3 Year Membership - $48.50
Lifetime Membership - $285.00


GCC Seeks Nominations for the Fly Tying Group's Newsletter Committee

The FFI Fly Tiers Group (FTG) produces a quarterly newsletter and the FTG has asked the GCC for a GCC representative to serve on the Newsletter Committee. The newsletter desperately needs warm water and saltwater representation and articles.