Fellow Gulf Coast Council Members;

In keeping with the idea of using the talent available within the Gulf Coast Council, the GCC Board of Directors has developed and sent all of our clubs a "GCC Speakers List".  


A "Speakers List" is simply a list of people available and willing to give talks on various subjects to clubs within the council to help promote the sport, make us better fisherman and more conservation minded. Examples are someone to talk about the life cycle of redfish or seatrout, warm water techniques, conservation issues, casting instruction, fly tying, leader making or knot tying.  The list could go on and on.


My name is Ken Koffel, and I have volunteered to head up this project by putting the list together and keeping it up to date. In order to do this, I will need help from each of clubs within the Gulf Coast Council to supply me with information.

The information needed for each speaker is:

1. Topic

2. Name 

3. Phone Number 

4. Email Address 

5. Fees - Speaking Fees and Travel Expenses (gas or mileage charge), if any

6. Lodging Requirements – hotel or willing to stay at club member's private residence 

7. Speaker's home club

8.  Other requirements, if any 


As the the information is provided I will collate all the names and supply each club with an updated Speakers List.  Periodically, I will ask for updates (probably every six months or so) to keep the list current.


I have already gathered the names of approximately twenty (20) program speakers and have submitted a first draft of The Speakers List to the club representatives on the GCC Board of Directors and to GCC Club Presidents/Program Chairmen for those clubs not represented on the Board. 


In order to volunteer to have your name added to The Speakers List or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me with any questions.




Ken Koffel

1421 Rue Gentilley

Gautier, MS 39553

H – 228 - 522-0157

C – 228 - 217-1066

E-mail -


UPDATE:  On February 3rd, 2014, the initial Speakers Bureau List was emailed to the GCC Directors for distribution to their respective clubs. Each GCC club should now have a copy.  


Please read over the list.  Any Federator in good standing within the GCC may add their name to this list by following the procedure listed above.

If your GCC club does not have this list of speakers, please contact Ken.