The Loop is the newsletter of the FFI Casting Instructor Certification Program.  A quarterly e-publication, it is a forum to educate, inform, highlight and share the talents of our members.

Broader Distribution for The Loop:


The Winter 2013 issue of The Loop (and subsequent issues for one year) will be made available to all FFI members. In the past The Loop, a journal of fly casting education published by the Casting Instructor Certification Program, was available only to CICP members.  However, in response to requests from The Loop editorial Staff, Dr. Soon Lee, David Lambert, and John Billota, the Casting Board of Governors (CBOG) has expanded distribution of the journal. 


Dr.  Lee, previously the editor of The Loop (now a member of the FFI Board of Directors), pointed out that expanding the distribution of The Loop demonstrated an attitude of generosity that was especially fitting for our organization. Eric Cook, a new member of the CBOG and The Loop's new editorial director, approved the change in distribution enthusiastically.


The Loop is published and accessed electronically in PDF format.  Over 70 issues of The Loop are available to be downloaded from the FFI website: 

The Loop - Past Issues