Have you ever wished that you could sit down this evening and tie with some on the marvelous tyers that you have seen at the FFI Fly Fairs, EXPO's and Conclaves (shows) that have been held over the years throughout the South? 

Well, actually you can!  You see, long time Federator, Buddy Price, has spent over ten (10) years videoing some of the nation's best tyers as they tied at Gulf Coast, Southern, South Eastern and Florida Council shows.  In the finest tradition of Federators sharing knowledge by teaching others about fly fishing, Buddy has placed over 100 videos of these world class Federation tyers, tying many of their favorite, often here-to-fore "secret" patterns (flies) on You Tube. 

So, just set up your vise in front of your computer and spend the evening with some of the Federation's best tyers.  With their clear, step-by-step instructions, you will be surprised how quickly you will learn the skils needed to produce their beautiful patterns. Regardless of whether your desires run to streamers, deerhair bugs, poppers, wets, nymphs, dries, or even Cap Spiders, your fly boxes will soon overflow with great, "local", southern patterns. 

Oh, and before you head out to your favorite "brim hole", to insure a successful trip, learn to tie the "Cap Spider" from one of the GCC's favorite tyers of all time - the late, Michael Verduin:

Then make plans to attend the next Gulf Coast Council Fly Fair on September 18/19 in Ocean Springs, MS and meet many of these same Federation tyers and hey will demonstrate their favorite patterns for you!


For his years of service to the Federation and for the work descibed above, Buddy Price received the Lew Jewett Memorial Life Award at the 2013 IFFF Fly Festival in West Yellowstone, MT. 

Congradulations Buddy! 


The tyers shown below have instructional tying videos posted on YouTube by Buddy Price and are, or for those who've passed were, "regulars" at GCC shows and/or GCC club shows.  Additonally, most are also "regular attendees" at the North Toledo Bend Rendezvous!