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Contacts - The Officers and Board of Directors

GCC Board of Directors: 2017

GCC Executive Officers:

President:  Mike Jackson                     504-377-6757                                                            New Orleans Fly Fishers 

Executive Vice-President:   

Treasurer:  Ron Foreman                     337-625-9660                 Contraband Fly Fishers 

VP Education:  Tom Dempsey (CCI)      251-342-7621 / 251-648-7451 c /                                                                                                                               Eastern Shore Fly Fishers                                 

VP Conservation:  Chuck Fisk               251-232-9697                             Eastern Shore Fly Fishers  

VP Club Development:  Marc Pinsel       985-543-0527 h / 985-320-0716 c                        Red Stick Fly Fishers

VP Communication:  

VP Membership:     

Secretary:                VACANT

VP Outreach:            VACANT  

VP Events: Ron Foreman                              337-625-9660             Contraband Fly Fishers             


Newsletter Editor: 

Kyle Moppert                     225-343-0867 h / 225-610-5847 c                           Red Stick Fly Fishers

Steve Oliver                                 318-349-6411                                   North Louisiana Fly Fishers

Webmasters (Not Board Positions): 

Nathaniel Fickett -

Kyle Moppert - 

Glen Cormier -

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