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IFFF Certified Casting Instructor Certification Program (CICP)

Casting Instructor Certification Program (CICP) provides our membership with the opportunity to improve your fly casting skills as well become certified and build a rewarding business around the art of fly casting.  Learn more about becoming an FFI Certified Casting Instructor from Rick Williams and Bruce Richards:  

The Casting Board of Governors maintains a page on the FFI website:

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Casting Certifications in the GCC

The FFI Casting Board of Governors, in association with GCC Master Casting Instructors (MCI), plan to hold a minimum of at least two casting certification testing sessions each year  

Casting Certification Testing Programs to be held in both the east and west side of the council each year.  However, it is not the intenion of the GCC to hold Casting Certification Testing in association with the Council's Fly Fairs, as doing so removes our MCI's from the show.  Casting Certification Testing may be arranged by contacting any of the following MCI's:

Tom Jindra  (MCI)      504-392-7511                

Syd Smith (MCI)        228-326-6050 / 228-896-4247

Keith Richard (MCI)    337-344-0908