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It is the charge of the Gulf Coast Council to both educate about and help conserve those natural resources valuable to the fly fishing experience. In doing so, the GCC works through its member clubs to conduct grass-roots based projects.

It is our job to guide requests through the GCC Board of Directors and/or on to the International Federation of Fly Fishers Conservation Committee for funding. Requests for conservation funding for such GCC club-based projects should be sent directly to Chuck Fisk, GCC VP Conservation: 

Just a few examples of conservation projects include: restoration of a public pond, stocking of a water following a fish kill, establishing youth or handicap access, fish tagging,  planting or seeding of mangroves or similiar vegetation to protect against wetlands loss. Many projects can be cooperative efforts with other organizations such as the Coastal Conservation Association, Nature Conservancy and others.

NOTE: Each club can apply to receive up to $1,500 for their respective project from the IFFF, plus additional funds from the GCC.  More information about Conservation grants can be found at:,%20home%20shots_030%20(1).JPG

Looking Forward 

The GCC Board of Direcotrs has voted to contribute 50% of the net profits from the upcoming GCC Fly Fair, September 12/13, 2014 to the University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Coast Research Laboratory for utilization in their conservation research, such as the GCRL Striped Bass REstoration Program.

Pebble Mine

The EPA is beginning a process under the Clean Water Act to protect Bristol BAy, Alaska. 

This was a victory, and we want the EPA to know the IFFF is pleased with their decision to evaluate whether to block the mine.

On March 3, 2014, Phil Greenlee, CEO - IFFF sent to the Sportsman’s Alliance for inclusion in a packet they are delivering to the EPA. 

Phil Greenlee


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