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The Osprey - Journal of the FFI Steelhead and Salmon Committee


"Individuals and non-member clubs are rarely able to make significant and effective changes to the sport.  Nor are they able to generate sufficient funds or member numbers to impact legislation or policy.  Their intentions may be noble, but they can only do so much in today’s world.  Support and join as many clubs as you can, become active at the local, regional and national level, and remember that there is strength in numbers.  It is very difficult to improve anything alone, and the challenges facing fly fishing today and in the years ahead can only be addressed and managed by a Federation of effective and diverse organizations."   Bob Shirley, Past-VP Membership GCC

Even though it far from a "local" fishery to us in the Gulf South, as an example of the Federation's history in conserving and protecting fisheries across the country, please read the short article below to learn about the FFI Salmon and Steelhead Committee's 25 plus years of tireless conservation efforts.  You may then wish to enjoy some of the 75 past issues of their wonderful newsletter, The Osprey (See archive link below), and perhaps you may even wish to support them in their efforts to protect wild salmon and steelhead.


The Steelhead Committee of the Fly Fishers International was founded in 1986 when a group of concerned anglers, recognizing declines in populations of wild steelhead joined forces to giving a voice to wild steelhead. The following year, the first issue of our newsletter The Osprey was published.

Throughout our 25 plus year history we have continued to lobby hard to protect wild steelhead throughout our region, and have provided a source for the relevant news of the day regarding management, science, policy and recovery of our wild salmonid fish. In our long history numerous well known anglers and advocates have joined our cause contributing their time and more importantly their voice to the plight of wild steelhead and salmon. Among the well known individuals who have contributed content to The Osprey are Dr. Rick Williams, Rob Masonis, Sen. Patty Murray, Bill McMillan, Bill Bakke, Pete Soverel, Stan Young and many more.

Sadly, wild steelhead in most areas have continued to decline over the past 25 plus years. While we are distressed and deeply saddened by the lack of improvement, it strengthens our resolve that as a community of conservation minded anglers we can work together to restore wild steelhead and ensure our legacy is one of preservation rather than tragic loss.

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