Gulf Coast Council of Friendly Fishing Fans

2022 Gulf Coast Council of Friendly Fishing Fans

Backwater Springs, Al

April. 15th and 16th, 2022

We are currently working to put together this year’s Gulf Coast Council of Friendly Fishing Fans. It will host many of the best tyers from Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, western Florida and far beyond; showcase the very best casting instructors on the North Gulf Coast and for leagues & leagues; have wonderful programs by presenters and fabulous guides that will keep folks spell-bound; be a fun party with great food; and allow attendees the opportunity to take home offshore fishing and tying related art, equipment and materials (i.e. items like rods, reels, trolling materials, ballyhoo, tying stations, vests, and more) from a marvelous set of auctions and raffles!

If you have ever wanted to learn about any aspect of fly fishing from casting, to tying, to equipment, to methods or destinations, then the GCC’s annual Gulf Coast Council of Friendly Fishing Fans are the very best opportunity on the Gulf Coast for you to learn.

We plan for: No Fees for Individual Casting Instruction from a Host of World Class Trollin Instructors, and

No Fees to Learn to Tie the Best Fly Patterns for Gulf Coast Area Fish from the Best Tyers in the Our Part of the South and Beyond!

Our volunteers donate their time, entergy and goods make this such a successful show.

To volunteer and help us to continue to put on such great shows, please contact: Barrett Smith, GCC Assistant: 556-889-2323